The Indie Files with Jackie Chin Brian Fitzpatrick S1E4

S1E4 Brian Fitzpatrick is the author of the bestselling science fiction trilogy, MECHCRAFT, and the screenwriter for the upcoming science fiction film, THE SIMIAN TRIALS. Fitzpatrick’s writing journey began at the age of seven after accidentally watching the horror classic, Night of the Living Dead. After a week of sleepless nights, Fitzpatrick put pen to paper and has been creating tales of wonder and terror ever since. Fitzpatrick grew up on Spielberg, Carpenter, Lucas, Cronenberg, King, Rice, Koontz, and Barker. Science fiction and horror are in his DNA. His bestselling novel series, MECHCRAFT, has been dubbed The Matrix meets Harry Potter with a dose of Terminator violence. Industrial rock band, Chemical Straightjacket, wrote and released a song based on Mechcraft’s villain, Sasha and her maniacal ruthlessness. The song, “Tendril and Blade,” is the title track